About Game Changer Awards

Either you choose your game or you are forced to play one. When the going gets tough, some hang on there and continue to play the game even as others quit. And then there are others who break all rules and make their own rules. These are the ones who change the game.

Game Changers, never go out there with a grandiose plan to change the game, not even to break a few rules. They just go out there and do their best , in the process challenging their own limits. Every small success and more importantly the failures led them to deeper insights.

As they step back from the game and take one hard look at it, their insights fuelled their intuition and that’s when they said "I think I have a better way."And they risked their time, money, professional reputation to bring about a paradigm shift. They set new benchmarks and trends for others to follow and thus inspired and, continue to inspire, thousands and lakhs of others to think differently and take the road less travelled. Or should we say the unconventional road that others dreaded to take?

The HR Club, Leadership Lounge and TEN India invite you to meet the Game Changers

They are from different walks of life but they all have a few things in common. They have risen above the constraints and challenges. With a strong “never give up” mindset, they created their own powerful circle of influence.

Those who have attended The HR Club’s National Conferences in the past know fully well that these events are Game Changers in their own right, drifting away from the stereotype seminars and topics that are cliché

If you think that the least we could do to honour these Game Changers is a standing ovation and a thunderous applause straight from your heart, join us: On - Saturday, Jan 20, 2018 at Mumbai as we salute the real life heroes from different walks of life and present them with the Game Changers Award.

You can learn something from each story too. You never know. One of these real life experiences and stories may provide the much needed food for thought and may re-energize you. We welcome you to an action packed day of sharing Best Practices and Networking.

We welcome you to walk in as a delegate and walk out as a Game Changer. You never know, there could be a Game Changer in you.

See you at the 8th National Conference and the Game Changers Award ceremony.